This Partnership business is operational since 1953. There are 2 partners. It's a Indian Oil associated petrol pump. The Land is Government leased for 90 yrs and lease valid till 2043. It's a B-Site Business.
There are 2 fuel tanks with capacity of 11,000 ltr & 9,000 ltr each. There is 1 Diesel dispenser machine with 2 nozzles. Area of the land is approx. 4200 sq.ft. Total number of employees working are 3.
There are 2 plots of land, one is 2000 sq.ft. on which petrol pump is located and the other is 2200 sq.ft. which is open and can be used to start any business.
The Partners are Aged and are unable to visit business location. Also there is little or no management, hence affecting the business revenue. With Good Management Team, the Acquirer can increase Business Revenue.
The turnover for FY 2017-18 was INR 1.44 Cr with a net profit of approx. INR 2.4 lakhs.
Asking price of the business is INR 6 Cr. (Slightly Negotiable) (includes business license, land worth 4 Cr, infrastructure, Goodwill)


Partners are Aged and Management issue's

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