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Find Investors, Buyers, Partners, Advisors for your business in minutes. Give out franchisees, appoint distributors, license out your technology or products.

Premium Plus Plan

Showcase your business opportunity, get priority access and reach out to more investors.

INR 10,000  plus GST
for 12 months
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Premium Plan

Showcase your business opportunity instantly to a few selected investors directly.

INR 5,000  plus GST
for 6 months
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Standard Plan

Showcase your business opportunity and wait to generate interest over a period of time.

for 6 months

Interested in our Value Added Services

Get Business Ready with Professional Deal Documents & Create Good Vibe for Negotiation.

Pitch book for Fund-raising starting from INR 20,000
Professional Business Valuation starting from INR 35,000
Blind Business Teaser starting from INR 3,000
Information Memorandum (business prospectus) starting from INR 35,000

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Indiabiz pricing plans include:

Contact details of business investors who show interest, automated updates for new investors for your business, business valuation calculator, ready deal documents, access to our helpful support team, and more!

Features breakdown by pricing plan

Premium Plus

Get Verified contact details for buyers and investors.

Showcase your business to potential investor matches.

Receive alerts for buyers and investors matching your business opportunity.

Increases trust for your opportunity to attract investors.

Keep your business identity confidential before knowing the other side (buy side).

of buyers and investors who connect with you upfrontly.

We have a team to help you

Our team of professionals are very passionate towards their work. Whether you have an occasional question or are looking for a dedicated manager, we offer different levels of services your way

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Introduction Credit?

Introduction Credit allows you to get contact details of investors/ buyers matching your business opportunity. Sometimes, the contact details are kept private and shared once the other side (buy side) approves the connection.

What does Curated Business Opportunity mean?

Buyers, Investors & advisors wants to know some key information about the business before showing interest. Curated Business Opportunity helps market and discover your business with matching buyers and investors.

What are the benefits of VERIFIED tag?

Verified business opportunities generally receives more interest because of more visibility and increased trust factor from buyers / investors on Indiabiz platform.

What documents are required to be submitted for Verified Tag?

List of documents to be provided:

  • PAN Card (Business, or Personal PAN in case of Sole Proprietorship)
  • Company Registration Certificate / Partnership Deed
  • Last 3 years Audited Financial Documents
  • Business certificates (if any)
  • Business Licenses (if any)
  • Rental agreement (if any)
  • Financial Projections
What is INR 27,000 credits for Value Added Services used for?

Many users use our value added services such as professional business valuation, pitchbook,blind teaser, investor relation, Information Memorandum. When you have access to credits for value added services, you can use credits to avail for such services in that financial year.
Maximum Credits that can be used under each service:
Pitchbook: upto INR 6,000; Business Valuation: upto INR 8,000; Investors Relation: upto INR 4,000; Blind Teaser upto INR 1,000; Information Memorandum upto INR 8,000

What is priority email and phone support?

Indiabiz is a self-servicing platform; we provide phone support to Premium and Premium Plus members only. Every day, we receive numerous requests from our users and sometimes it can take days for us to come back. We offer priority support via phone calls and emails during Indian office hours to our premium plus members.

Can I pay only after the deal closure?

Our business model does not work like that. Our membership plans allow you to easily connect with the investors and buyers of your choice directly. We do not charge business brokerage fees; we only charge subscription fees.

Are the plans negotiable / flexible?

The price of a plan and its benefits are fixed for all the mentioned plans. There might be some promotional campaigns (time-sensitive) which may offer savings or additional features vs standard plans.

Is my subscription refundable?

We offer credit back for the introductions used. In case, a buyer or investor is no longer looking to pursue buying or investing in a business, we return the credit within 3 working days and you can use this credit to connect with another matching buyer or investor.

Is my subscription transferable?

No, your subscription is not transferable.

Are business valuation services included in the pricing plan?

Business valuation estimate is free to try at the moment by clicking here . Please note a true estimate is only possible after careful study of many aspects of the business and its domain by an expert team. Our advisory team provides customised business valuation service at a fee, click here to know more

Can I check out the responses before choosing a paid plan?

You can explore the buyers/ investors profile at indiabiz. To share your business opportunity and connect with investors you would need a membership plan. Membership plans have access to a limited introductions credits to connect with the other (buy) side.

How should I pay to IndiaBizforSale?

  • You can opt for a suitable membership plan on the website via the payment gateway integrated. Click on the ‘Get Started’ option on any of the plan and continue to make the payment.
  • By Cheque / Demand Draft - Please make the cheque / Demand draft in favour of 'Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd.' and deposit the cheque in one of your nearest ICICI Bank branches.
  • By Bank Transfer - Account Details as below:
    Beneficiary Name:- Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd
    Beneficiary Bank:- ICICI Bank Limited
    Beneficiary Branch Address:- Jodhpur Gam Branch, Satellite, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
    Beneficiary Account Number:- 006705005380
    Beneficiary IFS Code:- ICIC0000067
Cash - Please note we do not accept cash payment.

Are taxes included in the price?

Prices are exclusive of GST.

What is Private Listing?

Private listing is a listing which is only available for view by the investors who are approved by the owner of that private listing.

How to take communication forward with the buyer/ investor after initial Introduction?

It is a good practice to reach out to the other party in a timely manner - ideally on the same day if possible.

  • Call and introduce yourself well - build context - Introduce yourself and your opportunity briefly, do mention that you have got the introduction via IndiaBiz.
  • Send SMS or Whatsapp message if for any reason the call is not answered (being an unknown number etc).
  • Share enough information about your business opportunity so that the other party can evaluate the opportunity is interesting for them or not
  • To know the profile of the other party, to understand their capability and intent; when on call, try asking relevant questions politely.
  • By all means, only share confidential documents with the other party once you know more about them and have a comfort level.
  • It is good to share revenue and profit margins on the call as well as the real reason as to why you are looking to raise funds/exit from the business.
  • Sharing genuine information about the business opportunity is the backbone of any successful transaction. Sooner or later, the other party shall find out the true picture of the business opportunity during the diligence process.

Ask price: Valuation of your business is another aspect you need to consider. Being reasonable on the asking price is one of the most important factors for generating interest for your opportunity.
If you are not sure about the valuation, you can always say that valuation exercise is being carried out by the professional team (so, do get that done professionally). In the meantime, the other party can evaluate if the opportunity is interesting for them or not.

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