The company is operational from the year 2018. The company is located in Hyderabad. The company provides assistance in recruitment and executive search in IT sector. The office area is 400 sq.ft. with monthly rent INR 20,000 and the company is paid security deposit of INR 60,000.
The recruitment process involves sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, matching candidates with clients (both in terms of the work culture and the specific requirements of the position and finally selecting suitable candidates for a job vacancy. The company posts vacancy on different job portals and social network like LinkedIn. The company has 22 Information Technology CMMI Level 3 to 5 as clients. Apart from the IT companies they have MNC who required employees for their IT department. They provide Permanent and contract based employment; senior level designation. The temporary employee works on the recruitment company name.
They have 10+ clients in pipeline (both permanent & contract basis) which probably will be converted by Oct-2018. On Permanent employees basis they receive average 8.33% of the CTC of candidates. They have 90 days payment after candidate is placed. They have provided placement to 8 candidates on Permanent basis and 2 candidates on contract basis.
They have received payment for 2 candidates till Aug 2018 and other 6 candidates will be received by Oct-2018. They have 4 member team with salary of INR 24,000. The company will receive payment of INR 5 lakhs from Sep-18 to Oct-18 as the candidates are placed. On contract basis employment they receive INR 50,000 every month from Sep-2018.
The turnover from Apr-2018 to Aug 2018 was INR 6.50 lakhs. The asking price is INR 20 lakhs.


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