It is manufacturing company started operations from 2014 based in Bhopal. They are the leading manufacturer and exporter for all kind of telecom equipment, Electrical Line Equipment & telecom accessories like Electrical AB Cables, XLPE Cables, Service cables, Different types of electrical wires & conductors etc. They provide Telecom Interconnectivity (POI) TX Testing, EMF Testing, Network Sync Audit, Ethernet testing Services & Renting of Equipments. They are having an extra Production Line which they are not using for manufacturing. The company last year turnover was INR 4 crores. The machines in production line are of high quality and hardly used. The company wants to sell the production lines. It is good deal for any buyer who wants to start or add new production lines. Below are the details of the production line machines with their asking price. Sr. No. Machine Name Price (in Rs. Lakhs) Details 1 Cable Laying Machine (1+4) 20 1+4, Bobbin-900 2 1+36 Bobbin machine (36) Bobbin, Armouring Machine 22 Bobbin-430, Cage 3 Extruder 50 Sqmm (with coextruder 25 Sqmm) 15 max 25 sqmm cable can draw 4 RBD (Rod break Down) Machine 12 15 dye


Extra Production lines

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