The business is located in Mumbai with Factory in Wada. The business manufactures Corrugated Boxes majorly for corporate clients such as Parle, Bluestar, Oracle Plastics, Associated Capsules and other smaller clients. The installed capacity is 200 tonnes per month. Current turnover is 4.5 Cr with 12% net Margins. 70% is raw material cost and 18% are labour, gumming & printing. 12% are the net margins. The main USP of the business is they have in house printing setup which very few manufacturers have. The factory is in 55 guntha land (approx. 60,000 sq.ft. land) with construction of 20,000 sq.ft. The land cost is approx. 90 lakhs, 25 lks is shed cost, machinery are worth around 88 lakhs, stock maintained are around 30-35 lakhs at any given point of time and the business has 90 lakhs of working capital infused. The total funds for takeover is around 3 Cr(negotiable). The credit period from customers are between 30 to 45 days


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