3000 sq feet indoor kids soft play area which includes slides, ball pool, zip liner, merry go round, mini electric train, bouncer, full fledged cafeteria for snacks, chairs & tables. Includes an area to host birthday parties.

Clientele Type

Our clients are kids between 1 -10 years. We conduct birthday parties, school trips, workshops, vacation camps for kids as well as allow walk ins.


This is located in a prime commercial area of South Bangalore in a prominent location close to residential area. Premises is on rent from 2016 till date. It is 3000sq ft of area of which around 1500sq ft is the soft play area and remaining includes reception area, seating area for parents, cafeteria, toilets.

Asking Price Includes

Cost includes all the soft play area equipments, all pantry equipments, tables, chairs, CCTV setup, Computer, printer, music system, speakers


Relocating outside of India

Other Details

Details: 1. We have an active member database of close to 5000 people and almost 6000 likes on the Facebook page. 2. We have a team of 5 people. 3. We have conducted close to 80 birthday parties in the last 1 year. Birthday parties are all inclusive - play area for kids, food (snacks/lunch/dinner), decoration etc. 4. There is a full-fledged cafeteria attached which currently serves food like French fries, juices, milkshakes, sandwiches etc on request basis and even for birthday parties. 5. The play area is secured with CCTV cameras. Business prospects for this place includes 1. Starting a play group/ play school during the day time. 2. Franchisee options to expand the business 3. Conducting different extra curricular classes like dance, zumba, yoga etc during the morning hrs 4. Frequent weekend classes & workshops for different events/ occasions 5. Increased birthday & school trips marketing 6. Starting a day care facility

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