The web portal is an initiative that offers a large selection of trusted apartments and houses for RENT, BUY and SELL. The website was initiated in 2016 only, but partners are looking to sell it as they dont have investment to take it forward and put up money in marketing. The website has android app also, The site has 3200 registered members, and receives 70 new visitors. It has 23 buy and sell properties from all across India and 450+ properties for rent from Madhya Pradesh. The web-site has subscription based revenue model and has 5-7 paid clients also, it charges 2% on deal closure as well. It has sold 1 property also in last 3 months time. The app download rate is 150. Currently running with the help of 7 people. In last 3 months it has earned INR 55000. Asking price: INR 1 Lakh.


Investment issue

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