This Private Limited business is operational since 2012. They are known for innovation and quality in the industry.
Type of labels: Pressure Sensitive Roll/Sheet Form Flexo Labels, Custom labels, Food & Beverage labels, Barcode labels, Product labels, Multi Colored Labels, Packaging Labels, Quality Control Labels, Cheque Protection, Promotional Labels, Synthetic Labels, Transparent Labels, Thermal Labels, Plain / Laser Labels, Security Hologram Label Stickers.
All the labels are printed with Flexographic Label Technology. They have state-of-the-art printing processes like Screen Printing, Gradient Effects, Cold Foil Stamping.
Clients: 50 PAN India
Total land area is 2000 sq.ft. Employees working are 13.
Revenue for 2018-19: INR 2.5 Cr and net profit margin 10-12%.
Asking price is INR 3.75 Cr. (includes entire business, machinery value INR 1.25 Cr, land value INR 1.5 Cr)


Unable to focus, have other major business to focus

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