The state of the art unit uses vegetables and potatoes as raw material and produces potato flakes (powder), French fries, diced frozen vegetables and frozen peas as finished products. The machinery is Highly imported and situated on 3.5 acres of land in the outskirts of Jalandhar (Punjab). The commercial production was commenced in the year 2008. Production capacity is of Dehydrated Potato Flakes are 500 kg/hr, Frozen French Fries -1000 kg/hr and Frozen Vegetables 1700 kg/hr. Majority of the machines are from Holland & Sweden such as Peelers, Graders, Feeders & Shakers ( for all three Lines ), Screw, Double stage Compressors, Cold Room Panels, Packaging, Weigher, French Fry Cutter, Twin Blanching System, Single Stage Drying ( Belt Dryer), French Fryer ( With continuous Fat Filter), Drum Dying System and more. During the previous year, The factory was given to Mahindra & Mahindra on Lease for Rs.13.00 Lac per month along with 20 % profit sharing. Production was more that 2000 MT in 10 Months from which handsome profit was earned. Current Market value of Land, Building & Plant & Machinery with Cold Storages in the premises of the Project with all utility equipment Valuing as on date more than 80 Cr. Last year's turnover was INR 2.5 Cr and Asking price for the business is INR 38 Cr with Land machine and other amenities. The unit can be leased asking price INR 20 Lacs + Profit Sharing and also interested for joint venture of INR 22.5 Cr


Lack of Working Capital

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