The business is in the field of manufacturing medical plastics for packaging and drug delivery systems. Their entire production facility is in a clean room as appreciated by Pharmaceutical companies. Products: Dropper Bottles Double Ring Cap Twin Cap (Patented product) Vials for Metered Dose pumps and Nasal Sprays The production capacity is 50,000 Bottles per day. The setup is located close to Mumbai in 16,050 Sq. Ft land.Entire production facility under one roof. Production in Class 10,000 clean room. The offer price for the business is 2cr which includes 1.8 cr of assets and 20 lakhs for goodwill. Important Customers: Ozone Ayurvedics, Hahnemann Pharma, ICPA Pharma, Impac Labs, Cipla


Death of one of the Partners. The second generation is engaged in their personal endeavors.

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