Gud (jaggery) for household and liquor industry

Clientele Type

Major liquor industry. Domestic market in Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal


Up to 3 Acres. Owned Land. Located in Kada Village near Ahmednagar.
The Unit has 10 Production Lines. Well Equipped with Sugarcane Juicer, Weighing Scale and all the other machineries required for Jaggery manufacturing. All the Machineries are in operating condition.
The Unit is Dormant since December 2018.

Asking Price Includes

Land, Machinery


No Successor.

Other Details

Per day production capacity is 300 MT/ day. Up to 25 contract manual workers are appointed during the season. Last year sugarcane production was not optimal so the plant was operational for up to 5 months with average daily output of 150 MT/ day.
Turnover in 2017-18 was INR 3.64 Crores

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