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Recently closed deals

Gujarat based IOT based startup received investment from Singapore based angel Investor

INR 50 Lakh - INR 1Cr

Organic Lingerie startup found two investors from Business Buyer’s Club organised by Indiabiz

INR 50 Lakh - INR 1Cr

Packaged drinking water plant in Delhi sold to a business owner based in Delhi - Full Exit

INR 5Cr - INR 10Cr

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant in Ahmedabad - Asset Sale to a pharma manufacturing business in Delhi

INR 2Cr - INR 5Cr

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant in Roorkee, Uttarakhand - Business sold to Delhi based pharma company

INR 5Cr - INR 10Cr

IT Staffing Solutions company in Mumbai Acquired staffing solutions business in Mumbai

INR 1 Cr

Advertising Agency Business in Delhi sold to an entrepreneur based in Hyderabad

INR 18 Lakhs

Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in Vizag sold to buyer based in Kerala

INR 45 lakhs

Pre-school franchise in Noida sold to a buyer based in Delhi

INR 10 Lakhs

Medical Device Manufacturing Business in Mumbai raised investment from a business owner based in Mumbai

Upto INR 1 Cr

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Adesh Grover (Business Owner)
Advertising agency

I have recently sold off my business of an Advertising Agency through Indiabizforsale. A long, drawn out deal, it culminated successfully with the consistent guidance of Mr. Bhavin and active perseverance of Ms. Karishma. From the initial listing on ...

Karthic (VC)
Buzzworks, Mumbai (

We are a fast growing full spectrum staffing solution company in India. We have acquired a few companies in our domain in the last year using a tested thesis. To accelerate this process and to ensure a scalable, predictable acquisition process, we ap...

Narsingh Chaudhary
Angel Investor (Singapore)

Investing in just one startup doesn’t satisfy my appetite. By tying up with the right companies, creating a diversified and complementary portfolio, and staying tuned with breakthrough technology, I believe I can add a lot of value to the aspiring ...

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