A cafe owner based in Gurgaon is looking to buy a Cafe for Expenditure of his current business

Available on Introduction
Location Gurgaon Designation Founder in Cafe & Fast Food Joint sector


Interested ToBuy, Assets Only, Franchise Interested ForSelf / My family Investment RationaleStrategic Acquisition / Expansion
Preferred Location


Areas of Experience / skill setsHas his own business with different business ventures running parallel with it. He wants to expand his current cafe
Name of Organization / company:   Kept Private
Size of the company : Turnover / Sales N/A Employees N/A


Source of FinancingOwn/External Funding Maximum Budget INR 10,000,000
Acquired / Invested in other business in last 5 years:    Yes
More Information The preferred locations are Delhi,NCR, and Jaipur. Cafes should be profitable & running.


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